What a Week...

4:34 PM

Wow! The past five days have been overwhelming. Ever have a streak of bad technology luck? That's me right now.

Last Friday my camera lens broke just as I was working on a picture for a new post. Not only have I lost my cute little white Kodak camera, but I've lost one of my work tools! Luckily, I can use my beau's camera while I plot how to resolve this dilemma. Needless to say, this wasn't in the plans.

Yesterday my monitor decided it was time to retire. The screen only shows me half of the display and the monitor turns off at the slightest move. I'm in the process of trying to save money to invest in a proper workstation, but I certainly was not ready for this. I'm using my daughter's monitor, but the display quality is not good at all and I have assignments to finish.

To top it off, last night my working hand started aching and it hasn't gone away. I'll need to nurse it tonight because I certainly cannot afford to have my working hand break down too.

Just breathe...

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