Thank You for Thanking Me

9:27 AM

When a client sends you a thank you card...

... you know you've done good.

Despite the dry spells, seemingly endless hours of work, unpredictable revenue, and being a one-force "team", since I started freelancing two years ago, I never questioned if I'm doing the right thing. I have revisited my methodology, my strategy, my service offerings, but not my path - up until a week ago.

I'll admit, it came out of nowhere. I wondered if I am digging myself into a dark hole or if I am working a path.  Am I growing or stagnating?  Will I regret this?  Am I missing out on better opportunities? Better being a steady income with benefits. Of course, the answer is that I really am working a path. Yes, it is a path that requires patience, discipline, determination and a ton of security, but each day I am honing in on my strengths and focusing on a handful of service offerings. Each day I am facing my weaknesses and working on conditioning those productivity-boosting muscles. I am absolutely growing. I  continue to educate myself to build up my skills, and I work to stay on top of the latest market trends on the internet, in social media networking, grass-roots marketing, writing and graphic design. My portfolio continues to grow, and although I thought I was a self-motivator years ago, that was nothing compared to how I keep myself going these days.

Receiving a thank you card from my client, not only boosted my ego, but energized my entrepreneurial spirits. I will be revisiting my business plan and re-tweaking my strategy and service offerings, but I will not deviate from my path.

Thank you for thanking me.


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  1. It's all true! I'm just glad that our little card was meaningful to you. One day you'll be so busy that you will have to turn work away, and I hope you always maintain that humility and love of the work. We really appreciate you! :))))))) Just like you said, setbacks don't mean we are not growing, they mean we ARE growing!