Words to Remember

3:16 PM

A couple of years ago, when I was first starting my freelance venture, I went on a business trip with a client. We had a great dinner, she and I. She shared stories of how she came to own her business and I was inspired and assured that I was doing the right thing, at the right place, at the right time.

I wrote some words on the plane as we were heading back home. I came across that paper today as I was cleaning out files:

A few things I want to remember about this trip:

1. Do the things you love and make them a priority. In addition to my work, this includes yoga, reading, writing, walking and reading with lil' one.

2. Be yourself and respect others as they are - no matter what.

3. Give it all your best, because you are no less than that. Live, love, work and play with passion and enthusiasm.

4. Stop hiding your feelings.

5. Don't take yourself or others or things so seriously. Laugh. Allow things to roll off your back so you can move forward lightly.

6. Stop living your days with fear as your guide. Live your life with confidence.

7. Embrace yourself. You are smart. You are stunning. You are bright. You are kind. You are interesting. You are creative. You are quiet, but you have a bright spirit. You are positive. You are real.

8. Don't stop learning. Keep absorbing. Keep filtering. Keep pushing. Keep focused. Keep going.

Every day.

Happy freelancing :)

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  1. I took several of these and wrote them in my personal journal. I particularly love #7 and it speaks to me the most. I might have to quote you on that one, soul sis. :)

  2. Quote away, sis :) I love that!

    It was great to come across this paper and share it here.

    Right now my focus is on #3.