In Search of an Outfit for My Upcoming Presentation

8:50 AM

Countdown - 10 days left to my upcoming Social Media Marketing presentation. I am going over my notes, tweaking my introduction to death, and making sure I'm cutting down on my "ummm's". But what will I wear??? I haven't bought a suit in YEARS! So I am planning to run to the stores in search of the perfect presentation outfit. My first thought was a suit, but I'm having a change of heart. I think a dress will suit me best. I want to look like a mature professional, yes. But I also want to wear some energy, creativity and fun. After all, marketing and design are about energy, creativity and fun. So here are some dresses I am considering.

This Michael Kors Tweed Belted Dress, complete with a brown leather belt, might be just the dress for my upcoming presentation.

I this this Trina Turk Mariposa Ponte Dress has a lovely silhouette with the draped side pleats on one side, giving it a touch of modernity and flare, but still professional.

Red? Yes, red. This Nanette Lepore dress is bold! I like V neck, spread collar, and cap sleeves. This would make for an interesting look for a presentation. I love the bold red and the contrasting black "belt"; the bows giving a hint of femininity.

A standout - this Moschino Sleeveless Color Block Dress Black and white block dress with gold accents - could work. I'm guessing the model is way taller than I am, so the dress may not look so short on me.

Back to a more professional look.

Gorgeous! Still hoping this wouldn't be as short on me.

I am a black-and-white print aficionado. and I love the smart stripes in this Ralph Lauren Cowl Neck Striped Dress. Fresh and modern, just what I'm looking for.

Okay, so decision has been made. I'm going for a dress. Now, what about the shoes???

Happy freelancing,

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