Why It's Okay to Pare Down Your Marketing Efforts

9:30 AM

Sometimes the best decision you can make about marketing your business is what you will not do, or what you will let go of. Instead of killing yourself and trying to do some of everything, you can make the decision to focus your time and treasure into one (or maximum two things) effort — one that you will do well; to perfection.

With the emergence of social media, you may feel pressured to try it all, because it's all there and you can start them all for free — so why not? However, you may quickly become overwhelmed and disappointed with mediocre results. Just because you CAN, doesn't always mean you SHOULD.

First, have your marketing goal (try just one) in place. Don't think about all the many ways you can market your business, but the one thing you want to say; the one thing you want to share. Is your ultimate goal to increase sales? To land more clients? Or bigger projects? To share your portfolio? Give professional advice? Secure an interview in an industry publication?

Whatever your goal, focus on that, and determine the best way to go after that goal. One or two online method(s),  and one or two(s) offline methods. Furthermore, should you choose more than one method, try your best to make them work together.

There are many benefits to doing this. Freeing up more of your time. Reducing your frustrations due to disappointing results. Becoming really proficient at what you decide to focus on. Having more insightful metrics.

Discipline and Determination for Great Business Success from c2mCREATIVES

For example, this year I've decided to focus the majority of my online marketing efforts into Facebook. I did away with two Facebook accounts (a profile and a page) and created a brand new Facebook page for my new consultancy. I will share my portfolio and industry interests here. I will maintain my other social media platforms, but our Facebook page will be the main platform.

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