Designing a Logo for Gentry — Jewelry for Men by Jyotsna Singh

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The Client
Manjusha by Jyotsna Singh is a treasure chest of unique fusion jewelry combining the majesty of the old with the intensity of the new. Inspired by the beauty of the royal Jadau designs (ancient art of embedding stones) the jewelry reminisces of a bygone era of royal palaces and princely extravagance.

Manjusha has now launched a new jewelry collection for men and asked c2mCREATIVES to design a logo for Gentry — Jewelry for Men by Jyotsna Singh.

Client's Words
When describing the logo, Manjusha asked for an elegant, gentlemanly, upscale, simple, and understated design. When describing the jewelry: "The collection will portray, elegance, quality, color, opulence and unique designs."

Preferred Logo Type
Organization name in a stylized type/font

Color Preferences
black, silver, navy, white

Logo Application
The logo will be used on:
Print (business cards, letterheads, brochures, jewelry boxes)
Online (website, online advertising, banner ads)
Signs (including shops, billboards)

Based on my exchange with Joey (Jyotsna Singh) and the work I've already done with her, I already had some ideas in mind, but I always do some research as part of my practice. It's good inspiration fuel for the brainstorm/sketch phase. I researched upscale jewelry lines for men including LANVIN, Cartier, DAVID YURMAN, and LOUIS VUITTON to name a few.

By the way, I came across this great page of fashion sketches on the LANVIN site. Check it out.


Even if I have ideas that could go straight to the desktop, it is always good practice to sketch on paper first before heading to the computer. I'm always surprised by how many more ideas I come up with when I sketch. You may be tempted to skip this stage in the design process, but I think you will cheat yourself of the opportunity to open your mind and dig deeper. During the brainstorm/sketch phase do not allow too much external input to limit your possibilities. You will come across some real gems in your sketches. I try not to erase anything I come up with either to avoide creating limits in my mind. I just go with it. The intention is not to present each and every idea to the client, it is to come up with every possible solution for the design.

Draft & Select

I chose a number of sketches to develop into draft concepts which I presented to the client. They made their selection (it was my favorite one too).

Refine Concept
Since Manjusha selected one draft, we were able to focus on refining one concept. I presented a few color variations, cleaned up the lines and spacing of the custom type for the logo, and added the tagline which we also refined. We started with A Men's Collection by Jyotsna Singh, then considered (1) A Men's Jewelry Collection by Jyotsna Singh, (2) Jewelry for Men by Jyotsna Singh, (3) Men's Jewelry Collection by Jyotsna Singh. We chose number two (2).

Deliver Logo
Once the client approved the final concept, I converted the logo to various formats for print and online use.

I look forward to seeing the logo on the jewelry boxes.

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