Special Events: COCOTIQUE's Fall Brunch

6:58 PM

This past weekend we flew to New York to attend a very special event, COCOTIQUE's Fall Brunch. It was such a delight for so many reasons. I truly appreciate all of my clients, and I feel blessed when a great business relationship turns into a great friendship. I love being able to be there for my clients meeting deadlines, fulfilling last minute emergency requests, and uncovering solutions. However, I especially love to be there for a client/friend to show my support and celebrate milestones and success.

The Fall Brunch was everything that is COCOTIQUE — elegant, beautiful, warm, intimate, and special. It was great to see people I have worked with over the phone/email for the past several years in person, finally. It was great to share hugs and little anecdotes. It was divine to be in the presence of such positive and inspiring energy. To see our work in action was uplifting. I can't believe that not too long ago we were working on a logo design, package design, business cards, signage, etc. It feels like ages ago.

I wish I would have taken pictures of the lovely eats and COCOTini to share — delicious.

On a personal note, this weekend was also wonderful because I reveled in the joy of having a supportive, creative and fun-loving partner. It makes all the difference in the world to have someone that is truly the "wind beneath my wings."


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