Special Events: TRACY ARRINGTON STUDIOS Holiday Dinner

8:00 AM

My 2013 business wish list included acquiring more local clients, and they came — soon after. I wished for more local clients because, of course, I want to make a local impression, I want the ability to have more face to face interactions with those I work with, and to see more of my work in action. However, when I received a holiday invite from Tracy of Tracy Arrington Studios, it occurred to me that I also miss having the social interactions I used to have in my past life as a 9 to 5 professional.

This week I attended my first holiday business event as c2m CREATIVES aka Carmen Cardoza. It was very special to share an evening with Tracy, her team, family and friends. There were good eats, bubbly, laughs and even a tour of her studio. Towards the end of the party, Tracy recited a warm and very thoughtful thank you letter that she wrote last week on the way to Santa Fe, New Mexico for a trunk show. It was a very moving letter. She told a lovely story of her journey and the people that have been helping her along the way.

Working with Tracy is a blast, to say the very least. One of the many things I love about my work is that I get to meet and work with ambitious, intelligent, and passionate female entrepreneurs. It is inspiring and encouraging, especially when we empathize with and share the joys and pains of having a business and trying to do it all.

I look forward to updating my portfolio and sharing some of the work we've done for Tracy Arrington Studios. Pictures coming soon. Have a look at the collections and the stores that carry her beautiful jewelry designs.

Happy Holidays!

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