Don't Spoil Your Content Marketing Recipe

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In our last post we shared a recipe for content marketing success. Whether your business is emerging, small, growing or established, developing a solid content marketing campaign should be on the top of your agenda in 2014. If you didn’t get our recipe and aren’t so sure what content marketing is, exactly, or how to do it—start here.

Today we are following up with a few tips on how to avoid catastrophic results in your content marketing campaign. Don’t spoil your content marketing recipe by engaging in bad practices, keep these guidelines in mind with all of your content marketing efforts:

Be Authentic:

Be Authentic in All of Your Content Marketing - Seal of Authenticity

There’s nothing more desperate or shameful than copying someone else’s great idea. In all of your content marketing, be original and authentic. Keep in mind that search engines don’t index copied content, and you’re not doing yourself any favors by cutting corners through spinning some other company’s article or blog for use on your own website.

Keep it Interesting and Informative:

in content marketing, attention grabbing and helpful information keeps visitors interested

Your content should be either helpful or attention-grabbing (preferably both) and not a drag to read, watch or look at. With a powerhouse of information and choices available on the Internet, only compelling or helpful content will win out in the end. If you’re at a loss for an informative, helpful angle, don’t be afraid to be funny, random, quirky, or different in order to attract an audience; this helps keep things interesting.

Measure Your Results

Track site visits, analytics and customer engagement in your content marketing campaign

A content marketing agenda has no place in your business plan if there’s no way of measuring your efforts. Institute a way to track site visits, analytics and customer engagement—either through open source software (on avenues like Facebook and Google Analytics) or through developing your own method of gauging customer interaction and retention by keeping a regular content marketing schedule and corresponding record book of results.

Hire a Professional

Hire a professional to ensure that your content marketing always looks great and reads well.
You’ve got a business to run, and chances are your strengths lie in your products and/or services—not in writing content, implementing SEO, producing videos, or creating graphics. Hiring a professional to delegate this work to will ensure that your content marketing always looks great and reads well. And without high-quality, well-written, professional content, you run the risk of hurting your marketing efforts more than helping them.

In Conclusion

Small businesses today are challenged with marketing to a customer base that has the world at their fingertips. Social media, coupled with the ever-expanding scope of search engines and online content, creates a very aware and engaged consumer market: one that doesn’t take kindly to marketing “fluff” or manipulative tactics. On top of that, search engines like Google are starting to penalize sites that are outdated, over-optimized or poorly written.

You may have heard the marketing phrase “content is king,” and it is. Stick to an authentic, homegrown recipe for your content marketing in 2014, and you’re bound to see delicious results!

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